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Hello, I'm Hannah I like running, reading, and college football (and chess).happy.png I believe in the one true God who made everything and sovereignly reigns over everything. The Bible teaches that he is just, righteous and good, but that we (mankind) are sinners and are in rebellion against him. God could have sent us all to hell, but in his great mercy and grace he made a way for us to be saved. He sent his only son Jesus, the God man who lived a perfect sinless life then died on a cross bearing  our sin and the punishment that our sin deserved; the wrath of God and gave us his righteousness. But he didn't stay dead. On the third day he rose again! Conquering sin and death. So that those who put their trust in him are not only saved from the punishment of sin but its power and are free to love and serve God and know his love. This is a gift received through repentance-changing your mind about sin , seeing how bad it is and realizing you can't do anything about it on your own-and faith-putting your trust in Jesus alone to save you.This is the good news of the gospel and I would be happy to talk about it though I'm not always online. happy.png I have 5 other siblings on Chess.com.





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