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I'm just a simple guy who loves Chess. I'm a tenacious attacker, a crazy tactician, a wise strategist and an aggressive player. A little history about myself; I learned to play this game when I'm about 7 years old, one of my cousin thought me the basic moves and from that day on I started to fall in love with the game. I didn't actually focus at playing Chess at all because I studied Bachelor in Nursing. I only looked at it as a hobby, a game that I can play with someone whatever their age range is. After finishing my studies and knowing that I am in charge of my own life now, I considered Chess as part of my life. Some fruitful facts about who were my Chess heroes; I like the playing style of Paul Morphy, considered as the unofficial first world champion by many and one of the greatest or should I say genius attacker in Romantic Chess. Second in my list would be Mikhail Tal, the Magician from Riga. Tal's game were mind blowing, breath taking and jaw dropping. His sacrifices will blew you away that it will leave you staring at the chessboard for hours figuring out what would be the tricks behind it. Robert "Bobby" Fischer one of the finest chess players in modern era, remembered as the prime suspect for that widely known "Game of the Century" that's a no-brainer to skip this guy in everyones list for sure. There were too many masters that I admired but those guys were at the top of my list. Quotations of mine; "I believe that in every failure that we had experienced, it motivates us to bring our very best, makes us strong, and helps us gain self confidence to face the day ahead" "we play to learn and to improve, not for fame and fake experience"