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19.12.2017 alkaen
Hellooooo! My name is Roger and I am currently 11-years-old (Some people think I'm 13 which is strange). I'm currently rated 1572 OTB USCF although I haven't played an OTB tournament since February. My Online USCF is 1778 which is a lot more accurate to my strength. You can view my USCF page here! Now more about myself, I live in the state of California and I'm in elementary school, I enjoy playing sports such as Basketball & Soccer. I blog about once every two weeks so you should definitely check out My Blog. I can't wait for OTB to start up again (Sadly that may be in a while). I am just waiting for my rating to sky-rocket. I played for Rock n' Rol in season 3 of NSPBCL and we got 3rd overall. I'm also the board 5 for the Floridians T2 in the Raburn Premier Series League, we're the superboat champions of Season IV. 
My Discord Server:

Here's some awesome stuff @Sengdao made after FL2 won in Raburn!

Oh, and if you fell for the Rickroll above then here is my actual USCF page!