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IM TheButcher

Miodrag Perunovic

Nis, Serbia
Viimeksi täällä
7 h sitten
57 276
1 585
Kannatusjäsen 22.1.2009 alkaen

Successful FST (Officially the highest world rank for coaches) and current Serbian Men's Head Captain and Coach. Coached more than 600 students worldwide, including: Chessbrah GM Eric Hansen (Canada), World Junior champion GM Alex Ipatov (Turkey), World Youth champion U14 Qiyu Zhou (Canada), GM's: Denis Kadric (Bosnia), Milan Zajic (Serbia), James Adair (England), WGM Jovana Vojinovic (Serbia) and many others. Contact me!

http://www.miodragperunovic.com/ email: miodrag.perunovic@gmail.com

Feel free to subscribe on my new YouTube channel, specialized for chess openings, it's just been launched!


Best students:

GM Alex Ipatov (Turkey)World Junior Champion (2012), Vice World Junior Champion (2013)

GM Eric Hansen (Canada) - Vice World Champion U16, Canadian champion (2011), World Cup Qualifier (2011), (2013)

WGM Qiyu Zhou (Canada) - World Youth Champion U14 (2014)

WGM Jovana Rapport Vojinovic - World Youth champion U16

GM Milan Zajic (Serbia) - Vice World Champion U14 (2013) 

IM Richard Wang (Canada) - Vice World Champion U12, World Bronze U14 (2012)

GM's: GM Alexander Ipatov (Turkey), GM Eric Hansen (Canada), GM Milan Zajic (Serbia), GM Denis Kadric (Bosnia), GM Milan Zajic (Serbia), WGM Jovana Vojinovic (Serbia) 

IM's: IM James Adair (England), IM Vladimir Lukovic (Serbia), IM Milos Stankovic (Serbia), IM Dusan Radovanovic (Serbia), IM Dejan Marjanovic (Bosnia), IM Dejan Pavlovic (Serbia), IM Ooi Zhi Yang (Malaysia), Fantinel Thibault (France), WIM Sandra Djukic (Serbia)

Beside chess, I've got a master degree in law. Currently I am working in the Court of Appeals of Nis. Beside chess used to play tennis. I was also playing soccer for more than 7 years in second division club - Radnicki Nis.

I like this site, find it entertaining and as the time goes by, it gets better and better! All people who come to visit us, enjoy! My chess style is mostly attacking but lately I am trying to calm down and play more positionally. I enjoy sacrificing pieces and making interesting games! Favourite players: Jose Raul Capablanca and Garry Kasparov

I am also able to offer:

Self Study Programme (something I create for every student based on individual skills and weaknesses)
Game annotations (analysis of any requested games)
Training games (matches against a student to find out weakneses)
Personal tournament coaching (accompany you in a tournament as a personal coach)

I am an innovator of CAD - long term programme for students of all levels – (Centralisation, Activity, Development) – Thanks to which amongst almost 600 students Worldwide created more than 6 GM's, 15 IM's, 70 FM's in more than 80 World Countries, on all continents!


It is preferable if you could send me all your OTB and rapid games (in pgn file) from last 1-2 years, so going through those, I could spot out your strengths and weaknesses. After I figure out good/bad sides of your chess, I could create a self study programme and we could start off our lessons. Objectivelly speaking, good results and full rating gain and improvement should appear after 4-6 months.
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