1/8/2019 - The Uncastled King and The Troubles That Come with

human_robot wrote:
Batman565 wrote:

Can't Black do Nce5 to block both attacks?

How does Nce5 prevent white knight from immediateky taking black queen?  

After exf6, I mean.


human_robot wrote:
bradct wrote:

Again a puzzle where the losing side plays far from the best move. White is clearly better and should win, but 1..exd5?? is such an elementary blunder, losing the queen with discovered check on the spot. It really takes away from these puzzles when one side plays such elementary blunders like this.

What do you think is a better move? Do you realize if black doesn't take White's knight on the next move whites knight will take black's queen and fork blacks rook in a check with the king?

A possible alternative is 1..Qd8 2. exf6 d6(this at least prevents the fork at c7 for now) 3. f7+ Kd7 4. Bg5 Nf6 5. Nxf6+ gxf6 6. Bxe6+ Kc7. Yes, white is clearly winning here because his pieces are working so much better, the black king is vulnerable and the black pawn structure is badly shattered, but at least black here didn't just give away a queen for 2 minors with no real compensation.



billyr48 wrote:

a bit of fun for Black

But White made some Blunders in your line

more reliable

may be



I did it again.


Old timer ex-competitive  finally have my three favorite family members hooked on chess...

suggestions re: how to keep them interested through the vicissitudes of losing to grandpa on Chess.com - not enough day-to-day time for real time chess board instruction 

I want chess to be a legacy for my first 3 1/2 month old grandchild ( Patrick Luca - this post relevant when he beats the next Norwegian )