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10/12/2012 - Mate in 4

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    Tricky... good day; bonne journée.

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    nice one

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    dat bitch is dead

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    Am I actually learning?  I think this is the first time I saw a mating sequence of this many moves right from the start.  Well, I must admit - not quite.  I overlooked that the white pawn at h7 prevented an escape to g8 -  I was thinking
    4. Ne6+ Kg8, 5. Qg7#

    But that's not true, either, because I saw that after 2. Qd6+ the black king was forced to retreat to g7 - he could not go to g8 at that point.  I guess I was just too eager to play Qg7# with the black king at g8.

    The key move is the initial 1.Rd7.  The only moves black can make to prevent 2.Qf7# are 1. ... Bxd7 or 1. ... Qe8. 
    If he chooses 1. ... Qe8, white follows with 2.Qxe8#, so 1. ... Bxd7 is virtually forced.

    After that, 2.Qd6+ forces the black king to f7, lined up to be checked when 3.Queen captures the bishop at d7.  Again black king has only one escape square
    3. ... Kf8, lined up for 4.Ne6#  (except that I was so eager to play Qxg7# that I forgot my h7 pawn and pictured 4. ... Kg8) 

    When Daily Puzzle reported "You have solved the problem" after the fourth move, I was disappointed that it was ended before my final checkmate - It took a second look at the board to realize it already WAS checkmate.

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    that took forever for me to get.

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    GM_ShockingPikachu wrote:


    I just dont believe you found it easy, your rating is 1017!

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    this one was hard

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    Very difficult puzzle. But nice.

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    Good one.

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    very good one 

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    John316  wrote

    "GM_ShockingPikachu wrote:


    I just dont believe you found it easy, your rating is 1017! "

    you are right John

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    like where were going with the puzzles-good job guys

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    Cool :) !


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