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10/12/2012 - Mate in 4

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    Too early to think about this one

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    very nice!!

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    Good puzzle

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    one move mistakeTongue Out

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    another real enjoyable one.....

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    Hey ! What is this ?

    I had to think a bit this time!

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    The key was 2. Qd6+, the in between check which allowed queen takes bishop to come with check, thus forcing checkmate.

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    I like it but i would have liked to kill all his peices first

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    Screen the Queen

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    Queen block !!

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    Thanks for the lesson!

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    nice one

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    I would not have got that in a million years!.

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    luutzen wrote:


    Coming from a sub 1100 player.

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    Took some time to get this one...

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    The sac wasn't obvious to me. Good puzzle.

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    The Black Bishop was a thorn in White's side, and somehow White needed to get his Knight onto the square where the Queen was standing without losing any tempo.

    The Rook sacrifice was a nice move to get the Black Bishop into a position where White could capture it. But even better was the second move by White which delayed the capture of the Bishop by one move. That way, when the Bishop was eventually captured on the third move, Black would be forced to move his King to safety.

    If White had have captured the Bishop on the second move, then Black would have had the tempo to create an escape route for the King.

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