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10/13/2012 - Muratov - Janovsky, Russia, 1968

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    Didn't see that coming..

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    Too muchCry

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    marmaladecat wrote:
    TheBillyShakes wrote:

    I don't understand why black didn't capture the knight after the first move either with Ke7 or Ra8.

    1...Nxc8 (or Bxc8) 2.Qd8#
    1...Rxc8 2.Qd8+ Rxd8 3.Rxd8#

    Good annalogy,at first I thought you were wrong at first,but puzzle had made it's first move with N to d file,blocking Q from moving to Qd8.Your annalogy was right,Thank's,I knew there was reason why,I just could not figure out move's,did not take enough time to really look at puzzle,I should have been able to see why black R did not take Nc8,or why taking Nc8 with BxNc8 would both result in mate,Now going with black's first move Nd5 white offered up 2.Qb4...Kg8,why did'nt take Q with NxQb4?

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    stevenrossi09 wrote:

    I don't understand how they could post a puzzle where Black has to make wrong moves for it to work.  This puzzle wasn't very encouraging or helpful.

    Black made all the right moves. It's just a really hard puzzle.  There were a lot of moves black couldn't make, like taking the queen or knight earlier, due to threats of checkmate on the back rank by either the queen or the rook. 

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    Wow. That's pretty good.

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    a very good attack by the queen and night.

    a good double check by the queen and night.

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    very nice!

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    Wow! well out of my league but interesting to see unfold.

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    Very Fabulous Attack...

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    he he :)

    easy 1

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    beautiful game

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    very interesting mate

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    JSSC for you, if knight takes queen , it was check mate with white rook

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    [Moderated- watch your language please] the moves for BLACK were pretty UN-natural and -UN-wise indeed.. 


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