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10/13/2012 - Muratov - Janovsky, Russia, 1968

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    saphatecrew wrote:

    [Moderated] the moves for BLACK were pretty UN-natural and -UN-wise indeed.. 

    You need to watch what you say - mind your language.

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    had the feel of smother mate,finding Q. move was hard.....A1 puzzle.good work     

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    Nice logical puzzle.

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    that was one tough puzzle

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    A smooth smoothered mate. Pro stuff

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    Great puzzle!

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    awesome for someone to see so many steps ahead!! great vision,, great puzzle

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    Nice smothered mate!Beautiful......+Thrilling......

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    Good day; bonne journée.

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    kyleevon wrote:

    that was one tough puzzle

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    The first move was hard

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    MordoBrazil wrote:

    I don't understand why blck Knight D5 dont capture  white Queen B4

    It's mate with Rd8

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    Wow! Brilliant! And I missed it all.

    1. Nc8!  Rxc8, 2.Qd8+ Rxd8, 3.Rxd8#
    1. Nc8!  Nxc8, 2.Qd8#
    1. Nc8!  Bxc8, 2.Qd8#
    So the Knight is safe at c8; Black must open an escape square.

    He chooses 1. ... Nd5, blocking 2. Qd8#, but (because of the threat of Rd8#) it allows white to move 2.Qb4+ and generate a sequence that ends in a Queen sacrifice at f8 and a classic smothered mate.

    I cannot help but wonder if black might have made better moves to prevent this checkmate, starting with 1. ... f6 instead of 1. ... Nd5.

    Even his second move, 2. ... Kg8, may not have been his best choice.
    I think he might have fared better with Ke8.

    Edit: Reviewing prior comments, I see that Stephen_33 in post #62 had some of the same thoughts


    In any case, white's bold play gives him a decided advantage.

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    MordoBrazil wrote:

    I don't understand why blck Knight D5 dont capture  white Queen B4

    The answer to that one is easy:
    2. ... Nxb4, 3. Rd8#

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    mothers mate never happened before

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    Very great puzzle.

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    Philidor's Mate!

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    ocmn6 wrote:

    fantastic mate...


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    Mayrig  - You don't have to Castle to be safe!   This was one of the better puzzels I have seen!  Thanks Chess.com  But there were other ways to deal with this and get a mate.


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