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10/13/2012 - Muratov - Janovsky, Russia, 1968

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    Nice one

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    VM1024 wrote:
    saphatecrew wrote:

    which moron has created this fucking shit? the moves for BLACK were pretty UN-natural and -UN-wise indeed.. 

    You need to watch what you say - mind your language.

    Yes, vm1024, it is unfortunate that saphatecrew can post dumb, foul stuff like that with relative anonymity.  He exposes his stupidity to the derision of all, but we only know his pseudonym and the flag of his country.  Anyway, he has earned our disrespect as long as he uses saphatecrew as his pen name.

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    very nice.............

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    Good job I saw Ozril's comment otherwise I could still be puzzling!!!

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    Raajeesh wrote:

    Qb4+ is wrong step by whites. Because Black Knight can take over White queen

    Then he get's mated by Rd8

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    medium 3/5

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    Very good puzzle.

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    Very good...

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    very artistic

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    smathers mate

  • #114

    Can any one shed more light onto this for me?

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    just top class

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    wow, thanks, the best puzzle in a while !

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    Can smb explain why knight is not taken by rook in the beginning?

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    solved but tough. 

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    Good one.

  • #120

    Really It is a tough and nice puzzle.


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