10/15/2012 - Using Pieces in Conjunction

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    I really don't like the 2nd puzzle. I could've mated the guy in 2 moves from there and the rest just drew it out.

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    too easy!

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    @PeaceRequiresAnarchy (first poster) I don't get the puzzle you posted.... didn't look like checkmate??

    I also saw a way for white to checkmate his opponent quite early in the game...... I'm confused about it.

    Cool daily puzzle though, as usual :)

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    I'm falling asleep here.

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    mason286 wrote:
    PeaceRequiresAnarchy wrote:


    [Moderated: Political Content]
    A great win by Carlsen against Anand at Bilbao Masters 2012:


    Another puzzle for those who want something more challenging. Try solving it all the way through before playing the first move (if you don't do that already). It's more satisfying that way.

    Judit Polgar reviewed that game in one of her video lessons. She recommended 18. 0-0-0# more amazing I personally think

    The Lasker - Thomas game?  How is 18.  O-O-O# any more amazing than 18. Kd2#?  They're both moving the king out of the way of the rook to deliver mate on the 1st rank.

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    my head was hurting, but the second example was beautiful. Excellent chuzzle!

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