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10/2/2012 - Shocker!

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    jacobi6 wrote:

    Yeah,now what? Was that to show white was in better position?

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    PIECE OF CAKE cause bishop is giving check if queen gives check

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    hmmm... too easy! but good one. :)

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    simplest K!!!!!

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    Pretty easy, but really nice pawn pin with White's bishop. Great!

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    Way too easy

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    I'm just a beginner and sometimes I need a lot of time to see real solution, but I hope that my skills will improve over time

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    stephen_33 wrote:

    Yes, shockingly obvious !

    This is one from Tactics Trainer with a not very obvious first move ...

                                              White to move & mate in 3



    Neat puzzle,I tried checking with N first,try again,saced R only because you said it was a wierd first move,bingo,now you can check with N,and mate with B,black K only had 2 places to move with white R on b1.Thank's for bonus puzzle, I did not understand the other puzzle that started with no move's being made,do you realize how many move's there are from start that can be made,and it end's in the middle of the game,don't get it!!!

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    I don't know what was shocking about this one. I was expecting something dramatic like sparks flying out of my computer or a lightning strike as soon as I touched the Queen.

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    very very easy!

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    pinned pawn..mate in 2

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    Supah EZ

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    Nice mate using pinned pawn!

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    That pin on g7 just about shouts at you. It was the first thing I looked at and then you see that the queen can check and so it was very easy. Wink

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    Very easy. Example of the use of a pin!


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