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10/30/2013 - Crossing Paths

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    mvg17reddevil wrote:

    Bh6, gxh6, Qh6#..much simpler way isn't it?

    gxh6 is not forced (Kh7, or Qxg2 giving black some defense... extends the game, at least).

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    cool and easy puzzle

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    WOW. That is unexpected. Not so simple to me. For other players below, maybe. This puzzle does make me want to reconsider how carefully I look at lines after sacrifices.

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    Qxh6+ gxh6 Bc3+ Kh7 Bg6#. I need help we did not find the move.

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    Hey this puzzle's pretty new.

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    Another mate in 4 (forcing):

    1. Ng6+   Kh7

    2. Nxf8+  Kh8

    3. Qxh6+ gxh6

    4. Bc3#

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    2 st

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    Great Puzzle!

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    Pentaxke wrote:

    I played 1. Bc3 Can anyone explain what is wrong with that move? 1. Bc3 Qe1+ 2. Kxe1 ... 3. Qxh6# Of course, it is not so pretty as a Queen sac  know...

    2...Kh7 slows down mate.

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    tacoma1989 wrote:

    I dont think the queen had to die. You can play

    Same result and the lady keeps her dignity :)

    In this line, white has the quicker 2. Qxh6#.

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    Many of these puzzles are just plain stupid.   The object is to win, not win in the fewest moves, or in some move than an amateur cannot see.   This is a prime example.  The knight to G6 takes the rook, and the king is in check.   It's just a couple of moves till the game is over.   I guarantee you the average player can win this game faster than it takes to try to figure out what these clowns want in white's next move.

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    Easy one.

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    Of course. Sacrifice the queen, just as the person who makes these puzzles must do in every game of chess they play.

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    1. Bxh6 fails to checkmate in three.  If 1. Bxh6 Qd1+ 2. Kxd1 then 2...g6, no mate next move.

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    tacoma1989 wrote:
    Just as quick, maybe more exciting because, very shortly, it gives black the feeling that it can put up a defense.

    3. Qg6+ is not quite checkmate in this line due to 3...Kh8.

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    queen sac is becoming a bit cliche in puzzle of the day, can u guys get a bit more creative

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