10/30/2013 - Crossing Paths

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    queen sac is becoming a bit cliche in puzzle of the day, can u guys get a bit more creative

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    Ng6+ Kh7 Nxf8+ Kh8 QxP PxQ Bc3 also mates !??

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    Why not just Bxh6?

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    acertaineffort wrote:

    Nice!  I would have probably played 1.Bc3 in a real game, forcing mate in just a few moves more than is optimal.

    On a less significant tangent, I wonder if I can get my 3rd consecutive "first" on the daily puzzle tommorow!

    You're right, after Bc3 black has no significant threat or defense and Qh6 is checkmate, unless black sacrifices rook or queen (anyway, it will be just a slight delay)

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    8th page! (it's morning on this side of the world)

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    unbelievble sacrifice. I missed it

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