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10/5/2012 - Perlaska-Grassi, Komo 1907

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    O/k-ish up to the third move (although I first tried moving the knight to f4) & then had to stare at this position for some time before the solution came to me - brilliant !

    Enormous admiration for any player who can pull that off      Cool

    But who on earth was Perlaska ??  There's no entry in Chessgames for either player & I drew a blank on Google - but I did find this...

    So now the irrelevant & inane comments of the 'first-pagers' are leaking out into the wider world - It's depressing !

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    very cool

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    I got this one in the Tactics Trainer a couple of days ago. :)

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    good one

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    that was awesome.....i solve the problem without showing problems...yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1YellPlease be relevant, helpful & nice!

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    Well, that wasn't too easy, but still, I got it on my first try.

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    salar32 wrote:

    Nlce puzzle.Thank's,missed some move's,good job whoever created this puzzlw

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    I thought this one was tough.

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    that would never happenn in a real game

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    Easy, but a lot of moves.

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    One who does this in an actual game would b a GENIUS!!! 

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    i am king of da puzzles.who dares to defy me?

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    awesome mate.

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    Fascinating combinations...

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    Can hardly believe this was an actual game.  Black never moved anything but the queen on the queen side of the board.  White's play to mate with his knight was really brilliant.


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