10/8/2011 - Mate in 8


OMG someone solve my puzzle. What am I not thinking right about Kh6? I can't think and I can't focus on anything else.


Do not agree with 4...Bxh2+. Instead Ksg4, mate will not be in 8.


Nobody sees  mate in 6?

slowhare wrote:

Do not agree with 4...Bxh2+. Instead Ksg4, mate will not be in 8.


Slowhare.....  After kxg4, It's Nh4#


very nice

Derived wrote:

How about 4. Nh4? Threatens mate in 1 and as far as I can see Black cannot stop it, only postpone the inevitable.



Baazigar wrote:
slowhare wrote:

Do not agree with 4...Bxh2+. Instead Ksg4, mate will not be in 8.


Slowhare.....  After kxg4, It's Nh4#

Missed that, thanks



anirudhvanga wrote:

someone explain the moves 4 and 6 please..

i know move 4 was a little confusing but it seemed like white wanted Kto take Rg4,enabling white to move 4.Bf6...KxRg4,5.Ne5 is mate,i do not understand what you mean about move 6,Rg8 covers g file,also puts black in check to stay except for block with Bg4,7.BxBg4...Kh6,8,Bg5#.move 6 was right move,i think we all had a hard time with move 4,i was concerned about leaving my Rg4 unprotected,but like i said KxRg4 is mate with Ne5,you were not alone beihg confused on thoose moves,nice job,you show your skill by being confused at thoose moves,good day




OK, I solved my Kh6 problem.   After 4...Kh6    5. Bg7+ Kh5    6. Bg5#.

Then I had another question in my mind. What if black instead of Bxh2+ moved e5. But even then checkmate cannot be avoided. B/c  after 4...e5  5. Rg5+  Kh6   6. Bg7#.

Ok, it feels good now.


Very good puzzle and it kept me really busy today.


This one reminds us why there are easy Sunday puzzles!!


Again, a queen sac at the right time turns the trick.  But how to see that far ahead - it is certainly beyond anything I can do.

Interesting that black has a free move after 4.Bf6.  But nothing he can do will prevent the ultimate checkmate.  The best he can do is delay it by sacrifice moves with his bishops.



abelanjel wrote:

I thought all the moves had to be forcing moves in these puzzles. Why would black play 4...Bh2+ instead of any other move? Please, show me why I'm wrong.  

 You are wrong because you do not take the time to look for the answer in all of the other posts that came before you.  If you did, then you would already have your answer . . . starting with the very first post made after the puzzle.  READ THE OTHER POSTS FIRST.

blue_sky_mind wrote:

stuck on why queen doesn't take castle before check. oh and rook seems to move to the arbitrary Bf6. i'm sure there is an explanation. anyone?

 Why not try reading the posts that people have already made?  This may sound crazy, but the question you are asking has already been made and answered several times.

trebor44 wrote:

why doesn't Rh4 in 4th give white a mate in one more move? 

 Because you are too lazy to look for the answer in the posts people have made before you.  Starting with the very first post!!!  Its not that hard.


This looks like a Josh Waitzkin game.

By the way - I loved his book