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10/9/2012 - Devastating Decoy

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    nice. but two ways are here: take or not the knight.
    .. Qxe7 Qh8#
    ..  Kg7  Qh8# 

    You have solved this problem!

    2. Qh8# 

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    selfless knight

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    It was the title that pointed the way.  My initial inclination was 1. Nh6+, but that would have been futile (e.g., 1.Nh6+ Kg7, 2.Ng4 Qg5 -- and the attack is in shambles).  But I didn't even have to LOOK for a better initial move; the title told me where I would find it.

    It IS important to check out black's alternatives:
    1. Ne7+   Kg7, 2. Qh6#

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    Good one.

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    Nice, but an un-obvious decoy is erupting.

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    Easy one.

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    easy and obvious...Tongue Out

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    rdkey76 wrote:

    This is not a "decoy sacrifice". It is a diversion sacrifice.

    Cool You say tamato, I say tomato. You say diversion, I say decoy. We've had this debate before but, worthy of another round. Anyone ?

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    Good one!

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    Good day; bonne journée.

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    good one indeed.

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    AssassinationSuccess wrote:

    If it wasn't greed


    The puzzle you pose isn't the same as the daily puzzle.  You have a pawn at h2, so white is vulnerable all over the place.  The final move, Nf5+ is no solution at all -- Black will answer, Bxf5  -- then what?  I would prefer to be black.

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    very easy

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    Easy... breezy....beautiful chess puzzle Cool

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    pt4azorse wrote:

    Why not K to g7?

    because  QH6#

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    Gotta stop that Queen from covering the corner. Either she captures the Knight, or the King moves to g7 and blocks her.

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    Easy but good...

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    good one


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