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10/9/2012 - Devastating Decoy

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    good puzzle. easy

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    Removing The Guard!  Thanks for the lesson!

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    Very simple!

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    got it on 1st Laughing

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    So easy

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    johnyblaze28 wrote:

    I hate how the title of the puzzle gives it away 

    You're right, i didn't notice the title til after i finished it, and it was still kinda easy, ehh, it's only tuesday still.

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    jacobi6 wrote:

    Jacob, in your second diagram (#88) you show how it can be dangerous to  make unnecessary moves because you've overlooked  2...Qxf2#  !  Then what was meant to be a win for White becomes a win for Black.   Surprised

    (But at the age of 8!, you are very good at posting diagrams     Smile)

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    Got that one easy enough.

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    What if black play Kg7?  Is there a response for white?  I can't see it.

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    Obviously the title gave it away, but it was a good puzzle anyway.

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    Very nice puzzle.

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    damm easy

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    nice and simple

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    Mighty fine.

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    briansladovich wrote:
    rdkey76 wrote:

    This is not a "decoy sacrifice". It is a diversion sacrifice.

     You say tamato, I say tomato. You say diversion, I say decoy. We've had this debate before but, worthy of another round. Anyone ?

    Gladly, this is neither a decoy nor a diversion, it's a deflection. Black's queen, in capturing the knight, is being coerced away from the 'good' square at h6 where it's guarding h8 & stopping mate.
    Interestingly, there is a decoy here - if you go with the alternative 1...Kg7, then you might say the king is moving from a good to a bad square where it can be attacked. That's my understanding of what a decoy is. 

    But then the puzzle setter didn't go with that variation so I don't see how the title applies !
    (Yesterday's puzzle is a good example of a forced decoy.)

    Edit: Having trouble finding the term 'diversion' anyway.  Deflection is listed in Chessopedia but there's no diversion (come to that, there's no decoy either - I wish they'd bring that thing up to date!). So is diversion just another term for deflection ?

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    o yea


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