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11/14/2017 - R Bianchetti, 1925

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    really cool

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    sooooooooooooooo easyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


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    that was an idea i just smacked into my head

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    Lovely king,Brave infantry

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    CarterTheGr8 wrote:

    This puzzle was pretty easy compared to last one I did. (it might not have been yesterdays because I don't remember what the last daily puzzle I did was)

    And it probably wasn't Sunday's either.Smile

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    mayoisnail wrote:
    vijyesyechuri wrote:

    Why is Kg4 wrong in the first move? 


    After 1. Kg4, black can play Kg6, and when white plays Kf4, the black king can move back to the h-file

    I wouldn't recommend that.  Black's king should shadow and follow white's king while continuing to retain the opposition.

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    Chase11eleven wrote:
    vijyesyechuri wrote:

    Why is Kg4 wrong in the first move? 

    Because black is banking on having the move b3, which forces white to transform their c-pawn into a b-pawn. If white plays Kg4 on the first move, they end up not being able to get in front of their now b-pawn, which is a must if you want to win an endgame with a b or g-pawn vs lone king.

    Just to clarify, white can get in front of the newly created passed b-pawn, but not while maintaining the opposition.  That's why the position is drawn.

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    Get the first move right and everything falls in place.

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    Kg4 wrong? why?

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    Wow!!  That was a lot of fun!!!

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    very quick


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    happy.png opposition!


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