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11/15/2017 - No Place For Rooks

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    Valuable information

    John 8:21

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    NelsonMoore wrote:

    This is an interesting puzzle. The black rook can't go to a white square because the bishop can attack it with discovered check.

    Also f8 is not available because of a discovered attack.

    And b6 would lead to getting checkmated after double check then mate on a8 as it takes away the king's escape square.

    So the only two available squares are f2 (chosen here) and f4. If the rook goes to f4 then Kxe3 and the rook has nowhere safe to go.

    After Rf2 and Kxe3 the only black square available now is b2 but that is no good because of the later skewer.

    Of course white has to win the end-game against all those pawns (and the bishop will get captured) but should prevail.


    You could have summarised by saying something along the lines of "this is a lesson on piece domination". Add to that that this is also a lesson on calculating wide variation trees and the process of elimination.

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    Am I suppose to be here?

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    Sengdao wrote:

    Am I suppose to be here?

    No, you are supposed to be on the first page in one minute.

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    Man!  THAT was a LOT of fun!!



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