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11/26/2017 - Dropping The Hammer

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    easy problem 


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    RuleDomain wrote:

    I was hesitant to make the move.  I was sure the solution had to be 11 moves away.

    Well, my friend, with the King so far out there exploring, or whatever he might have been doing, his demise could only be one or two moves away, the way I see it.  My question would be--could this ever happen in a, quote, real game?  I think not.

    John 8:21

    Disclaimer:  No apoplectic behavior warranted--this is only a harmless little Biblical verse reference.  You do not even have to look it up and read it.  You can always let it go, as you usually do anyway.

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    I prefer checkmate with a pawn, so I would move 1. h3+ Kh4 2. g3#

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    Fischer - Reshevsky, variant

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    I have solved it the black king was there because he was going to the doctor because he dropped a hammer on his toe and broke it

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    Wow!   THAT was a LOT of fun!!


    Good to see Brian S on the first page too!!  

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    its weird that if you don't play the mate straight away, people think you missed a mate in 1.

    i would just leave the king there and checkmate it at my leisure. a wins a win is a win.


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