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11/3/2017 - The Art of Equalizing

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    No-limits wrote:

    Why not 2. ..., Txf2+; 3. Dxf2, Nxf2, in stead of 2...., Qc5?

    Black lady is hanging too. White takes the rook and if - Nxf2 then RxQ. The black N is dropping too if black decides to keep his Q.


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    shah83 wrote:

    After  2,,,,,,,Qd7  black is definitely winning.

    No, the position is better for white. Black´s N is dropping and the white rook in a1 comes to the center after Re2...


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    ChKimera wrote:

    After Qf3 can’t black just play Qd8 with a forced draw? Rad1 or Re2 are the only moves that I see for white. 


    White to move and draw?!? Interesting idea for a puzzle I guess...

    White plays for a win. After Re2 the other R in a1 is activated - and the black N is hanging too.


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    Clavius wrote:

    Missed it several times.  White has several worse options.

    White plays R into e2 (and activates his a-R playing it into the e1 square). Black is loosing his N and his K is in a vulnerable position. Black may get a draw only after a blunder of white.



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    rasma912 wrote:

    bullshit puzzle not even usable

    How should it be with a computer? It seems to show a better position for white.

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    Mira2005 wrote:

    how can I play live? You have changed something.

    I cannot Accept this.

    Do I have to change program?

    No, You can use the computer analysis in these pages.

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    max4444 wrote:

    I don't get it. after black plays Qd7 white still isn't winning

    After Qd7 white has an advantage - according a computer analysis. Please, heck out the title!

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    black still going to win...


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    ...Qxh4 and?

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    ....Q:h4 and black wins!

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