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11/7/2017 - Mating Before Getting Mated

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    A bit hard today

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    I could not figure out the move sacrificing the knight for a while. I was on a roll with these daily puzzles and then this one......

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    Did it

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     Wow!!  That was a lot of fun!!!!

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    lawrence6312 wrote:

    Rxh7... i guess also works

    Nope. It fails due to 1...Kxh7 2. Qh4+ Kg8! (2...Kg7?? 3. Qh6+ Kg8 4. Nf6#).

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    See Human Robot said that exact thing yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was right!!!!!!!!!!!

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    iusegambits wrote:
    bolvigian wrote:

    No problem when black kills the wrong rook...





    That's true,the only question I had was whether to move the queen or rook to h8 to mate; 1/2 a second later I moved the rook

    Black never had the time to take the "right" rook.

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