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11/13/2012 - Equalizing

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    We are accustomed to "puzzles" which have a definite WIN as the objective.

    But chess is often a matter of gaining small advantages which may eventually result in a win or avoid a loss.  In this case white was down a pawn and maybe a little more since the paired bishops are often stronger than one bishop and a knight.  Seeing and taking the opportunity to reverse the opponent's advantage is good chess.  Thanks for the lesson, daily puzzle.

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    A puzzle with something other than checkmate as the focus.  fun.

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    To all those who feel that Qe8 is a good move, please look at the resulting moves which would give black a clear advantage. Whites pieces are tied down somewhat defensively but this would open up the game for black. 

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    nice one ..

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    what this is?

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    What is wrong with bishop to e8???

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    Too easy.

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    Queen fork... good day; bonne journée.

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    Let us know if were not looking for mate please

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    I believe that 1. ... Bf8 was something of a blunder by black.  I think black's best response would have been 1. ... Bxf3, forcing  2. gxf3 (because it threatens  ... Qxe2+), THEN saving his black-squares bishop with ... Bf8.  Black has then gained another pawn in exchange for his bishop and seriously damaged the defenses around the white king.

    After 1. ... Bxf3, white COULD attack with 2.Qe8, postponing the capture of the white-square Bishop another move, but the results would be the same.

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    I like Qe8, which also wins a bishop.  It seems equally effective.

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    How many more people are going to ask about E8 without reading the preceding comments?

    I say 7. Do I hear 7? Okay, from Canada, I have 7. Do I hear 8? 8? 8? Come on. Okay, there from Nepal. I've got 8. 9. Do I have 9? 9? 9? Okay, there from the U.S. I've got 9. Waiting on 10. Surely someone else is going to ask about E8. Waiting... Waiting...

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    a little boring to be honest. not saying its easy or whatever but at the end the climax was left wanted. It should be more like BANG, BETTER RESIGN MF! This was more like here; have an annoying day. XD

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    Looks more like a tactics trainer item than a daily puzzle.


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