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11/17/2011 - The Ultimate Breakthrough

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    Same puzzle?

    EDIT: Nvm! It looked simlar:p easy tho..

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    Pro pawn
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    again first page and solved it :-)

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    easy, First time on first page!

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    You may also play Rxg7 and checkmate  in three. 

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    Had trouble with first move,did not think I had to sac Q to solve,since there were no amount of move's to mate as clue,but eventually saced Q and mated with Rh6,the past few days first move has been hard to find for me,hindsight make's me think I should have solved but that was not the case,I know the rule of thumb with these puzzles is sac Q if you have no other moves,but did not,thought I could mate with 1.Ra8...RgxRa8 2.Rb8+...Ra8xRb8 3.QxRb8#,looked good to me but Chess.Com.got me again.Thank's Chess.Com for keeping me in check,made first page though which means absolutely nothing to me,unlike alot of people who seem like that's the goal there trying to acheive,my goal is to solve puzzle correctly,which I have not been able to do the past couple of day's.Puzzle was late today for some reason and that's the only reason I made first page,still do not get big deal for being on first page.Have a good day chess heads.

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    Easy and nice

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    perhaps first page? Maybe

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    AskVarg wrote:

    Same puzzle?

    EDIT: Nvm! It looked simlar:p easy tho..

     Fooled me too... The only difference was the pawn on g5, which was on g6 in yesterdays puzzle.

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    agree with crushkilldestroy but i wasn't fooled just yet

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    Brilliant metagaming. Putting up a similar puzzle with a different solution.

    Still just an easy queen sac though but nontheless...

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    How to solve a daily puzzle:

    1) sacrifice your Queen

    2) look for easy mate.

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    good one!

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    Easy. :)

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    Nice one!


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