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11/17/2011 - The Ultimate Breakthrough

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    don't feel that ultimate, got it on my first glance

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    Similar view different mate.

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    very eazy

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    After the last two puzzles I've been seeing rooks in my sleep.

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    what page you are on is irrelevant - participants are in all time zones.

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    ok puzzle

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     Clever chess.com. I also thought this was the same puzzle as yesterday...just with a different title; but that g-pawn is one square down. So I suppose when you compare the two, the previous puzzle reflects the missed opportunity to mate in 2 moves as this one clearly demonstrates.


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    Easy....but nice...

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    When in doubt, sac the queen.

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    shaandar !

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    I feel so stupid. I thought this was the same problem from yesterday and they did not post anything. I was watching tv in the middle of the night and thought I could post it in the first ten this time. I was totally fooled. Anyway, this puzzle is really nice. It took me about 5 min to get the answer but gave a lot of satisfaction after figuring out. It was nice that they did not post the minimum number of moves.

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    paulified22 wrote:
    puzzlescot wrote:

    How to solve a daily puzzle:

    1) sacrifice your Queen

    2) look for easy mate.

    You are right about sacing Q to solve daily puzzle,as was the case again today,Incredibill taught me that about puzzle,and it ussually works about 99% of time,but today I didn't take the sac the Q route,did not think it was necasary today,I know in real game I do not think i would sac Q,there were other lines to follow to mate,so I tried other line I thought had mate possibillities without sacing Q,but I was wrong,so I plan on sacing Q again when in doubt,good advice for everyone on sacing Q,most people who do puzzle know that,but thank's for your advice

    Check the post #32. There are other lines for check mate in 3.

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    AskVarg wrote:

    Same puzzle?

    EDIT: Nvm! It looked simlar:p easy tho..

    Got me 2

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    nice, again.

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    This puzzle is silly easy, and white is up a queen + activity anyway...they should put something more interesting on the homepage.

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    yeah, ultimate mate ate te e

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    how about Rh6? and then proceed  to +Qf6?


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