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11/21/2012 - Opening Avenues

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    Age of Empires on voobly.com

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    KONY 2012 KONY 2012!

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    realy easy ....

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    Was trying to take black Q with Ne7,but B on d6 stoped that,so the way to move the B was to sac Rc7+...Bxc7,then Ne7 turned out to be mate,so I solved but by luck,I did not realize Ne7 was mate untill I seen board after sacing R.Nice puzzle,Thank's Chess.Com,good day chess head's.A forced mate in 2 because of the R on d1,I solved but for wrong reason like I said I was trying to get Q so I can't say I really solved,try again tomorrow!!!

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    very good

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    Very nice

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    Good one.

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    Add me to the list of people who thought this was about winning the queen & then noticed the mate!      Surprised

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    straight forward

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    simple two moves

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    better than naming mate in 2...

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    Yep - forced all the way.  No alternatives for black to be analyzed today.

    And the first move is all the more obvious, because the Queen can take the rook at h7 if black gets a tempo.  It was that (rather seeing the checkmate on the next move ) that made me choose to check with the rook on the first move.

    Similarly, I was attracted to the second move because it forked the King and Queen - even if there had been an escape square fot the blac King.

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    hey guys

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    I love mates by knight Kiss

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    On first look thought of the over used q. sac.and then realized today is rook day.Good job, makes u think.


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