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1/12/2013 - Inspired Play

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    avaricious wrote:

    2 Qxe6+ fxe6
    3 Bg6+ Qf7
    4 Rh8++

    No mate because of 4...Bxh8.

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    so tough. but very inspired.

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    Inspiring..got the first and last move :p

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    Wow...... I had to to put on my thinking cap for this one and still could not get it.

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    nice one! haven't seen queen sac i could resign here in actual play!

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    HenroPlod wrote:

    Thank you to the 2nd/3rd page posters, such as ericthefish Zinsch Jakeandalfie and Bryan681972 etc, for posting useful comments and analysis.

    Thanks HenroPlod, but think the only really useful analysis was Mr Jakeandafile.  The rest of us couldn't see that there was a clear advantage.  For my part, I could see the bishop fork threat, but missed the extremely tricky fact that the black N is also attacked. Time for a Sunday puzzle methinks!

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    themadhatter01 wrote:

    I don't get it, why doesn't the queen capture the bishop when it moves to c5-why move the king?


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    Dead_Assassain wrote:

    I just can't understand that white is still down with materials

    he has r. check or the n. capture next

  • #189

    so???why is it inspiring , black is still ahead

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    chess.com surprise on a sunday... made to think...

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    good one

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    Where's the sunday's puzzle?

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    Where's the sunday's puzzle?

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    Allegretta wrote:

    This puzzle is not correct, I think? After white fxe6, black could easily

    checkmate white in one move: rxr(d8). Aren't I right?

    Black is allway's in check, after fxe6 white check's with Bg6+and never has a chance to mate with RxRd1#

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    Where is the new one???

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the line below winning for white?

    1.Bc5 Ke8 2. Qxd6+ fxd6 3. Bg6+ Qf7 4. Rxd6++ 

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    How can you move rook from H6 to D6 if white bishop is at G6 ?

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