11/30/2013 - Extended Calculation and Vision

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    weird truck!!!

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    DavidE1984 wrote:

    come on people, just because no one is watching you trying to solve the puzzle, you say ...is easy?..give me a break

    Us humans are weird. Some find certain problems easier to figure out quicker than others. I know I am not all that good at it at times and I have seen some that are easier than solving 2x2 and 2+2, hahahahaha. Seriously though, its odd and strange to me that it seems that its the same people on here saying that practically every chess puzzle is easy like they must be better than Fischer, Kasparov and Carlsen put together. Like really? They are the ones that always say every puzzle was "too easy" like it is them that invented the game or something. HA!!!!

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    all that for 2 pawns wtf...

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    Idrinkyourhealth wrote:

    all that for 2 pawns wtf...

    It gives white a winning position though.  Gaining a winning, but not necessarily crushing, position is how most games are won at the highest level.

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    inexplicably white looses a rook!

    and now they exchange queens. White is not really concentrating,

    but wait! oh look at that!!! Bishop takes rook in the corner, Black wasn't ready!!!

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