1/14/2012 - Mate in 7

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    Kinda Tricky. But It's Good. :]

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    bartolomio wrote:

    i don't understand!

    why not Ae6+ ?

    help me, it's a mate in 2 for me

    Be6+ Bxe6

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    I solved it by making incorrect guesses and pressing the Help button repeatedly until the last move.  That shows I have good judgement.  I wish I had thought of the first move though, I was stymied.

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    The clearance sacrifice of the Knight was interesting.

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    somehow I knew the queen would be knocked off for the win.

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    Damn! This was a tough one. Nice!!

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    Excellent, thanx for sharing...

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    nice and interesting puzzle

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    Interesting puzzle.

    Re: bartolomio. If white Ae6, what if black Qd7?

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    Once I found the white rook hiding at a1 then it wasn't bad.

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    Wouldn't it be more easy if we do this?


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    ho-kyung wrote:
    rarcot wrote:

    Isn't mate in 2?

    Be6+, Qd7

    Qxd7 # (with the support of e6 Bishop)

     This is what I thought too. Like this:

    Are we missing something?

    Yes, you're missing the black bishop on h3.

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    neri_luiz wrote:

    Wouldn't it be more easy if we do this?


    It might be if it wasn't for the black bishop on h3.

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