1/14/2013 - Checking to Win

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    darlochessenthusiast wrote:

    Well it is not quite solved is it.  Why is there not one more move - K to Kn5 the Q to B4#

    Where is n5 on the board? That's not how I acheived mate after puzzle stopped!!!

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    puzzlescot wrote:

    Why not finish off the sequence with ... Kg4 Qf4++ ?

    I thought the same.

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    The nicest comment was from _staph_ "whats that white's Bishop doing at c1? Doesn't look like moved once till this end game!"  hahahahahaha .He left everything in the board and only commented on that white bishop !!!

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    Qxe5 ( posición previa de mate  )  Kg4 (puede ir) y el mate se produce en la siguiente jugada: Qe4++.

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