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1/17/2013 - Set Up For a Comeback

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    really cool puzzle

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    This was indeed a puzzle par excellence. I don't think an ordinary player or a novice would ever be able to discover a move like Rh8+(!!). Such puzzles are always beneficial as they compel one to think creatively and make good use of one's mind.

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    Looks awfully familiar, or maybe just déja vu. Nice all the same.

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    The pawn is pinned by the Bishop, cheers, John C

    obanyan wrote:

    please explain to me why the king's pawn didn't capture the white queen which could have prevented checkmate?

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    quite good...

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    nice decoy

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    good one

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    easy one

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    Nice pined pawn. Fastest solve for me.  It's Chess baby!

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    Nice one.

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    Jacob30 wrote:
    JonathanWoodward wrote:

    Geez... took me about 10 tries to finally figure it out. I play a lot of tactics but I cannot seem to see things like this.

    Any suggestions on how I could get better at seeing simple tactics like this better?

    Seriously, I play strategy games.

    Were you simply agreeing with me, or are you suggesting strategy games? :-)

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    wow didn't see the pin

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    Re:Set Up for a Comeback


    "A setback is just a setup for a comeback."

    -John Wooden


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