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1/18/2013 - Mate in 5

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    good one. 

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    too easyUndecided

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    pretty nice, got only 4th & 5th move :p

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    Good day; bonne journée.

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    Very deft maneuver.  I like it!

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    nice game

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    got it!

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    Excellent for Friday morning.

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    please dont give the answer in your comment

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    Yet another illustration of why the Knight and Queen together can be such a holy terror.

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    Hurray 1st time calculated the moves correctly without moving :) :). Thanks for the puzzle

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    Very good. That is what I need to be able to do.

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    antonflett wrote:

    please dont give the answer in your comment

    Cool I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you're saying. To give a relevant review of the puzzle, the solution has to be disclosed in one form or another. The comments section appears below the puzzle board and is out of sight while you are attempting to solve the problem. What you are saying is akin to , please don't include the 'help button'.

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    This one was pretty straightforward. Each move followed logically from the previous.

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    first mate in 5 that i was able to solve in my head before making the first move. Doing these every day pays off!

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