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1/20/2013 - Opening Up

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    So easy...

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    paulified22 wrote:
    stephen_33 wrote:

    Some of these puzzles should be sub-titled 'spot the bishop' !    

    Your right,the B covered the Qb7,B was needed to mate in two!!! Would you call this a forced mate even though K had two spaces to move,but either move made it a mate?

    It's surprising sometimes, just how easy it is to overlook those bishops tucked away in the corner!

    Yes paulified, definitely a forced mate as long as it can be completed in a certain number of moves, then any number of different lines are o/k.

    The important thing is that there's no possible defence against it.

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    As usual, I love Sunday morning!

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    easy peasy lemon squeezy

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    1.Ne7+!    Kb8


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    sa weeeeeeeeeeeet!

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    very easy

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    could do it blind folded. Cool

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    nice sundayyyyyyyyyy

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    Easy..... can we get something harder, please?

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    Sunday easy!!!

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    easy in so many ways

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    ya-hoo for the sunday puzzle

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    Black is dead, but White also loses because Black overturns the board, packs up, and leaves...

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    Too easy

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    mmacaroni wrote:

    Easy..... can we get something harder, please?

    I whole-heartedly agree with the above speaker.

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    I guess.



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