1/20/2013 - Opening Up

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    y do they make sunday puzzle so easy. it should go like this: monday (easiest)-sunday(hardest). whoever agrees with me please quote!!!Cool

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    wcaulkins wrote:

    Kc7?  not a forced mate.

    1. ...   Kc7,
    2. Qb7 is still checkmate.

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    :) Happy Sunday EmbarassedSmile

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    briansladovich wrote:
    stephen_33 wrote:

    Some of these puzzles should be sub-titled 'spot the bishop' !    

     I like that. Or, 'Peekaboo' !

    Yes - that is a lesson many of us can draw from a simple Sunday puzzle.

    In doing puzzles, we must especially look for our own bishops and what they can do for us. In a game, the danger is in overlooking the opponent's lurking bishop.

    I guess it's because bishops (our own or our opponents') are rather far away and off at an angle. A Distant Rook's path is marked by a line of squares - like a paved highway, and the knights and pawns tend to be closer in, and we are always aware of he queens.  But the bishop can be buried near the edge of the board and control more than is apparent.

    In this case, white fianchettoed his white-squares Bishop.  Typically, that is not a bishop to be ignored.

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    You have solved this problem!
    2. Qxb7#
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    Sunday puzzles!!!!!

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    so easy. its funny how white is so much worse but there just happened to be this magical checkmate.

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    Yea that was vary simple

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    Jesus,I'm the worst player on earth, and I can see that with my eyes close!!!!

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    I love how like everyday theres like 30 pages of comments, even if the puzzle is horrible

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