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1/20/2013 - Opening Up

  • #161

    boring, is too easy

  • #162

    Simple forced mate in 2. 

  • #163

    Too easy!

  • #164

    Didn't see the bishop there (but it stille took me 3 seconds).

  • #165

    its so difficult,  complicated, strong level and so on ...........

  • #166

    wow so easy LOL!

  • #167

    Easy Sunday....

  • #168

    Just fine. Nothing special

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  • #170

    easy peasy lemon squeezy

  • #171

    i guess i'm just that good

  • #172

    It's always easy when someone points it out. But finding tactics in our own games is infinitely more challenging. In its this respect we can more fully appreciate grandmasters like Lasker, Tal, Nezhmetdinov and of the like.

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  • #176

    Quick to the point.

  • #177
    eddysallin wrote:

    whoa up! In two wonderful, brillant moves i've done what few before me could do. Number 21 on the first page....now is that not something to start your day by? 

    every 3-year-old  can do that. Number 21 is not an indication of being smart, it`s saying you did that puzzle soon after it got started. Others maybe smarter but later in time...but - enjoy your day!

    furthermore, what is the meaning of "Whoa up!" ?

  • #178

    I feel compelled to leave a message, but I don't have anything to say.

  • #179

    the sunday puzzles usually glitches because SOMEBODY always quotes the puzzle but today was ok

    nice puz too ez1

  • #180

    a little too easy, but thanks for he puzzle, & MEOW to all!!!


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