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12/25/2012 - Mate in 3

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    I really don't see any mate in 3!

    But true the puzzle is messed up again ... Cry

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    Page is messed up again.  But 1.Rxf7+ Kg8 2.Ne6 (any) 3.Rxg7# looks like mate.

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    Hope this is correct! Happy holidays!

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    For those who celebrate Christmas have a Merry One

    I think I would play
    1. Rxf7+  Kg8 (forced)
    2. Ne6     any move
    3. Rxg7#

    I don't see any moves that black could do to prevent the checkmate.

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    can second move be Rdg5 instead?

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    merry christmas special! celebrate hard everyone..

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    JonnyNee wrote:

    can second move be Rdg5 instead?

    If  2. Rdg5, black responds by advancing his g-pawn and mate-in-3 is averted.

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    merry christms to all

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    merry christms to all

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    kylemeador wrote:

    Hope this is correct! Happy holidays!


    Thank u

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    Nice! Thanks Rokuro

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    Merry Christmas everybody and greetings from Switzerland

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    What happened to puzzles? Admins correct them please!

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    Thank's Rokuro,Merry Christmas to all.Thank's Chess.Com,good day chess head's.Easy puzlle too!!! 1.Rf7+...Kg8, 2.Ne6...h5, 3.Rxg7#

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    Anyone notice that the same person (bozorgmehr76) has messed up the thead for the second day running ?

    I've done some digging around - this is how the puzzle is supposed to look..

    I found that fairly tricky - expecting an easy one today.

    Merry Christmas to you all.

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    Exactly what I figured, except for black's 2nd move - not that it matters.

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    I see two boards! and none of them are working..... Please help


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