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12/28/2012 - Mate in 4

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    easy one :)

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    Why did black not take the knight with his bishop?

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    Very nice!

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    Batman_on_drugs wrote:

    Why did black not take the knight with his bishop?

    Double check (also the queen on g6 gives check - in those situation only the king can move!) - taking the knight would have been an illegal move! Tongue Out

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    Another Queen sacrifice

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    Soooooo easyyyyyyyy! Cool

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    got it...

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    Solved without Errors :) !

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    "easy easy easy easy too easy too easy easy easy i need people to think i'm awesome at chess easy easy easy too easy"

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    Wow, that was a beautiful mate. Hopefully, I can find one of these in my games.

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    i love smothered mates :D

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    like this kind of mate..

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    Very good

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    easy....smoothered mate

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    Anybody who is such a bad player to have played this opening will never be able to work out this mate!

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    Took a minite to see move three,sacing Q to cause a smoothered mate,did not realize 3.Qe8+ forced Nxe8 because Nd6 was covering e8,nice puzlle,Thank's Chess.Com,good day chess head's.Nice double check to move  K to d8,it was over after that,if K goes to f8 on move two Qf7 is mate,only other move black could have made.Not bad!!!


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