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12/29/2012 - Long Calculation

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    It was Tarrasch who originally found this variation

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    Great puzzle, lot of calculation invovled, definetly needing a deep insight into the middle game. Smile

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    Good one.

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    very difficult...Cry

  • #185

    Difficult one.

  • #186

    Tarrasch trap

    nice puzzle..by the way knew it beforehand

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    Why did the solution end when it did...with no checkmate shown? Is it so obvious they didn't show it? Help please!

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    abo_tamem_2012 wrote:

    Wouldn't this pull a win instead of a draw?

    Edit: Nevermind, Queen to h8 or h7 is checkmate.

  • #192

    what happens if black takes with the knight on move 4 instead of move 5?

  • #193

    This puzzle is a well known trap out of the Ruy Lopez Opening (I don't remember which variation...), where black plays 0-0 which is a mistake, losing a pawn. I believe all these moves are forced.

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    11. C4 was devastating!  Eleven (11) deep!  Thanks for the lesson!

  • #195

    nic one....good puzzle

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    Easy. First.

  • #197

    Wow, hard one...

  • #198

    This is a known trap, black has to take on d4 before 0-0.  I've actually played this in a game, so I got the puzzle really fast (although I was unaware black could avoid the loss of a piece for so long).

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    long... indeed

  • #200

    can somebody explain this?

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