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12/30/2012 - Mate in 2

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    Have a nice Sunday and Happy New Years to all...... 

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    1st page Cool

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    MSC157 wrote:

    It's Sunday, once again! 

    My blog: http://blog.chess.com/MSC157/my-first-otb-tournament2



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    1. Qf8 Kf8. 2. Re8#. I have solved this puzzle.

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    Just great.

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    Gimpalersan wrote:
    stephen_33 wrote:
    Gimpalersan wrote:

    That tactis trainer puzzle is flawed to be honest. The king should have been moved to g8 once the queen's attack was removed. That would change the game and even opens up the possibility for stalemate, possibly checkmate, if black plays properly.

    Never claimed that TT puzzle was difficult Gimpalersan, just less easy than today's daily one!

    As for your assertion that it's 'flawed', you might want to go & look again because at no time can the king escape - remember that the white bishop is on g6 by the third move & cuts off any retreat via f7.  And anyway, what exactly does "once the queen's attack was removed" mean ?

    Of course if you'd like to post your alternative line....?

    Miscounted the play, you're right. I would have played that version in an actual game and it actually wouldn't have changed anything at all. Sorry bout that.

    No problem     Smile

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    could see it, not play it

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    Tongue out

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    good one indeed.

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    Why is the puzzle messed up?

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    Same here...the board is doubled (stacked vertically), and I can't move any pieces. 

    I can't even see if I am supposed to play as black or white! I'm guessing white, though...

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    what happened to the puzzle?

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    How can this website have such a bug.. it needs to be fixed asap

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    The puzzle is glitching on my computer

    Is it the same on everyone elses?

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    Clean up your java code please - this sucks!

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    ***Puzzle is damaged but, I still figured out the moves***


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