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12/3/2011 - Adolf Anderssen vs. NN, Berlin, 1866

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    edyk wrote:

    its a litle bit easyer when you know that mat is possible (puzle mode)...

    in games not a lot of players will look (and see) for this ending... i think  

    I agree. Specially in blitz.

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    man...it was for kids~!

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    Ne7 would force a mate faster would it not? Only move for black would be to take with queen and then move rook to f6.

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    After doing these puzzles you begin to see patern formTongue out I knew I was giving up my Queen (again) after that it was pretty simple. Cool beanz!

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    Couldn't you just move the g pawn to the 7th rank and have a sooner checkmate?

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    good puzzleSmile

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    Crumbs ! , took some time to solve that one !

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    I always have trouble finding the first move. IS there any method to get it in one try? or do you guys stare at it for a long time. Once i see the first move i can get the whole puzzle pretty fast as long as it's a mate in 4.  It starts getting tricky if it's past 5-7 to me.

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    Didn't see that first move right away........nice puzzle

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    First move had me stumped, until I remembered that the first move should always be to SAC your queen. The rest falls into place.

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    Sweet moves!

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    O the satisfaction! After patzing big time (again!) in the tactics trainer today, I at least solved today's puzzle right from the bat. Tongue out


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