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1/23/2013 - All About Precision

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    briansladovich wrote:

    ThutmoseIII wrote:

    This puzzle is all about precision.


    Just repeat the puzzle title, that way people will think I said something insightful.


       Have you been talking to your inner Soul again or, just sampling the Highland malt ?


    Highland Malt is hard to find where I live. Here in Florida, the best substitute I have found is fermented orange juice. Just the other day, after taking a draught, I entered an altered state of consciousness and I was able to channel the ghost of Bobby Fischer.

    At first he said I was a pretty good chess player but then he started ranting about the American income tax system and then he said something about Spasky being a no-good cheater. Then he started going all conspiracy theory on me. He said he has proof that Kasparov is the offspring of a union between Bigfoot and a grizzly bear (I didn't quite understand that one).

    Even stone cold dead, that guy is still crazy. I guess I should take that bit about being a good chess player with a grain of salt.

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    Jonesatyeer wrote:

    Are we sure the pawns are going th eright way?  what if they were to be going the other way?

    Yes the ranks are labeled black pawns promote at rank 1 white pawns promote at rank 8

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    Cool   Bed time here Thutmoselll. I'll have to sleep on that one !  Smile 

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    weird puzzle

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    3. Ra7 leads to checkmate on 4. Why not?

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    ok now what ?

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    jaey234 wrote:

    really liked this one

    Me too :)

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    So that's how you use a rook to rid the two passing pawns, thanks!

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    For move 2, why didn't king just go back to h3?

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    EZ puzzle

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    Cool endgame study, didn't get it at first, took me a bit.

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    got it first try:)

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    I think Balck have to be little sensible

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    Well done. Very nice

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    Nice one :O)

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    Schoolin' !

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    simple but smart

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