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12/6/2011 - Mate in 3

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    Very good. Excellent puzzle.

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    kill the queen!!!

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    I've been distracted lately.  I started writing that this was a Monday puzzle and was easier than yesterday's Sunday puzzle.  But now I realize it is Tuesday already.  It is getting tough to tell what day it is from the difficulty of the daily puzzle.

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    Very easy

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    Easy does it!Smile The Queen sacrifice once and againWink and the rest was obvious.Laughing

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    Like it :=)

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    so damn hard

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    Easy done in first.... tks..

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    Shahryar_Radan wrote:


     There are solutions for black that resolve in many more moves, and possibly weasling out of a problem. For instance, Ra5-Ra5 and then moving the h pawn forward.

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    ranrod wrote:

    though I want to improve and think critically about these puzzles, I couldn't help but think, "how do I sacrifice the queen this time?"


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    Nh6 first move..Why lose the Q?

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    You didn't need to sacrifice the queen for the mate but good puzzle.

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    I like this one!

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    PAWNAROUND wrote:

    Nh6 first move..Why lose the Q?

    1. Nh6 Be7 seems to hold the line - there's no mate on g8 or f7, and if White plays 2. Rxe7?? he loses.

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    Another Queen sack. I wish that would happen in one of my games. I guess they are trying to show how to set it up, but I either usually end up with a winning queen, queen trade, or a loss.

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    got it!!!!!!!

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    Why do i always have to sacrifice my queen? If I hadn't it would've been Mate in 2... (rook e8 -> rook f8 -> mate in 2 without having to sacrifice my queen -.-)

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    Q sac


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