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12/6/2012 - Mate in 4 Again

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    Too tired for this puzzle.

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    difficul! :D good one

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    Ne6 is a much better move!

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    second page. Ne6 looked nice

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    Ne6+ aternative... This is a much quicker mate (mate in 2) :)

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    if he kills with hourse then what u do :D

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    A little difficult

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    @jaechung:  was my idea at first as well, but he can take rook with king and then trouble to catch the king as fast as in 4 :)

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    Nice one.  Am I missing something or could I have moved the knight also somewhere else? In my opinion it just needed to free way for the queen. The black pawn could have stayed where it was.

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    ...so I mean for example knight to b5.

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    Nice one

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    Nice One ;)

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    Not even close.....todays chemo day and the chess head is not working right.Catch u guys in a few days.

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    good one

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    if black move's Rf2 instead of taking N with gxf5,white is in trouble,whole game is turned around,what does white do now? White would have to cover  g2 with Qc6 I think,if white make's same move Qf6,next move black can check with Rg2+,I would like to see outcome if Rf2,instead of gxf5,can anyone answer? Thank's Chess.Com,good day chess head's


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