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12/6/2012 - Mate in 4 Again

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    Whites first move threatens Qxg7# because the knight is now covering the queens move to the g7 square. If black takes the covering knight with its own knight, then white can move Qh7#. Black second move of gxf5 prevents mate in two by white.

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    you can mate in two if you check with your knight then he takes with his knight and you put your queen in the corner if he takes with his pawn you check with your queen then mate in three

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    ajkannan wrote:

    stephen_33; i can see that no absolute defense possible; but in your first move itself if take the knight using the blacks knight you can delay;also in the 2nd move instead saving the king if you check the white king by using the queen you can delay it further;this sure will be helpful in time limited games. 

    Would you please look at my diagram again because I show  1...Nxf5 as you suggest & White can play 2.Qh8# - where's the 'delay' in that?

    As for your second point, it's impossible for Black to check the white king & anyway the next move will be 3.Qxf7#   !

    In both cases Black has been mated in even fewer moves or is that what you mean by being helpful in time limited games?

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    this can be mate with 2 movies

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    To clear up any speculations as to why Ne6+ is slower than Nf5!

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    >>>>    Why cant u move C3 to C5 and then rook from e7 to e8? Or am i missing something?

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    is not cool to say "too easy" when you make first page, is it?

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    alexakuloshvili wrote:

    if he kills with hourse then what u do :D

    Queen back right, mate

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    jaechungrox wrote:

    Ne6+ aternative... This is a much quicker mate (mate in 2) :)

    what to do ? After your white move Ne6 then black move Kxe7

    this problem is not so easy, nice puzzel & good one also 

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    There's a couple of move's that threaten imminent checkmate in this set-up and lead to check mate.  Q-C7 takes the king for a longer mating walk.


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    Good, but didn't solve it.


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