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12/6/2012 - Mate in 4 Again

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    SWEET!!! MEOW!!!

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    A composition or come from a game ?

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    alexakuloshvili wrote:

    if he kills with hourse then what u do :D

    1. Ne6+ Nxe6 2. R1xe6fxe6 2... f6 3. Qxf6+Kg8 4. Qg7# 3. Qg7#

    Well I don't know how to insert the board properly, for this reason I have just posted the solution in case black attacks with knight in e6 in this way. There are couples of available solutions to solve it at all.

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    Jeswingj wrote:

    >>>>    Why cant u move C3 to C5 and then rook from e7 to e8? Or am i missing something?

    Because the black king simply moves to g7 & then what?

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    birurajopadhyaya wrote:
    jaechungrox wrote:

    Ne6+ aternative... This is a much quicker mate (mate in 2) :)

    what to do ? After your white move Ne6 then black move Kxe7

    this problem is not so easy, nice puzzel & good one also 

    see the #97th post to enlighten up your doubt then.

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    Better do Qc5 and then Re8

    Therefore there is a double check wich result in checkmate.

    Whatever black is playing, the double check make it useless.

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    Nf5 clearance sacrifice!  Leading to a checkmate administerd by a Queen support by a Rook on the Magical Seven!   Thanks for the lesson.

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    there's a quicker mate; Knight to e6

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    Nice knight

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    tricky.  very nice with all the variations that lead to mate.

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    nice mating pattern....

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    Took me longer than I thought !

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    7th page !!!!!!!!!! TAKE THAT NOOBS !

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    first move was a toughy to see. fun puzzle !

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    And to think I kept wanting to do something with the rooks.

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    First move had me baffled.

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    good one indeed.

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