12/8/2012 - White to Play and Draw

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    moving the bishop next to the king is a bad move imo and the king could just take it.

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    I dont understand the 4th move. Why dosen't the king simply take out the bishop? 

    Edit: lol, stalemate!!!

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    Ugh I hate these draw puzzles.  Not saying they're not useful, but so much calculation just for the sake of not losing.

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    This is the best puzzle I've done in a long time .

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    Um. Think I'm missing something., Why wouldnt the black king take bishop at B3?

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    It's hard but....after you try, you get it.

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    stephen_33 wrote:
    fdlrtom wrote:

    OK, it seems to me that on move 5 black could have advanced the E pawn instead of moving the king. There was no stalemate as long as the bishop could still move. I don't see how white could have prevented a pawn promotion after that.

    Post #98 explains that & many other variations very well !

    I don't see how it explains an ything. Black does not have to move the king since he is not in check. White is not in stalemate as long as he can move the bishop. The black e pawn can advance to promotion. Can anyone explain why not?

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    too difficult

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    This puzzle is wrong.  The first three moves for white are correct; but it should be 4. White f3 - black to e4 then the draw move 5. White e2 as one logical scenario.  Unless someone else sees it different?  Blacks king can easily nab the bishop in this puzzle then promote a pawn and win!

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    Thanks for the endgame lesson!

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    good problem

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    I don't seem to understand 4. Bb3, which obviously leads to 4. Kxb3, when 4. Bf3 is a visibly better option (4. f4 would just lead to 5. Bh5)

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    why not just sack the bishop for the draw?

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    too good!

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    wouldn't the black king of taken the bishop on move 4. 3b?

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    wrong move bishop B3!!!???

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