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1/28/2013 - Using All the Pieces

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    Mighty fine

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    ThutmoseIII wrote:

    Why bother commenting? When chess.com fixes the link, they'll create a new thread and this one will pretty much disappear. AGAIN.

    Cool AGREED !  We're all doomed. It's like being an orange in the corner of the room, waiting to be peeled.

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    aw not 1st :(

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    Simple but nice   Smile

    But enough about me ...

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    Nice exercise in covering the spaces with the knights.

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    alanpie schreef:

    Sometimes the picture or the link glitches, you have to sometimes yourself go on the daily puzzle forum to access the new daily puzzle.

    Probably a cache configuration issue.

    Easy puzzle today.

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    I liked this puzzle.

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    EvanTheTerrible wrote:

    Why so few comments?

    Probably because the Daily Puzzle link is currently broken.

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    pretty obvious....what does "utanginang" mean? Perhaps AdikSaPuki can enlighten us! 

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    sunday puzzle??

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