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1/29/2012 - Basic Pattern Training

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    The first thing that I said when I saw this very easy puzzle, is "tou must be kidding me"

    Also, go NFC All-stars    (although no one will watch the game)

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    Simplicity at its finest.

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    This was really hard for me... good puzzle!! yeah hahaha im a monkey oink oink hehehahahahah blahahahahahaha i see dead piggies in my bedroom and i am god hahahahaha


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    back rank!!

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    puzzling, no?

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    happy sunday:)

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    Thanks for the hint "Basic...".  For those of you who found this overly simplistic puzzle too basic to be taken seriously, please keep in mind that many of us chessers are novices who are still learning the basics.

    Yours in Christ,

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    Needed this one to boost my ego!  Cool

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    nothing can be easier than this

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    Over-loaded backdoor mate...way too easy.  A deflection backdoor mate may have been more appealing.


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    Very easy Sunday...

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    i must be a genius i solved it in 1 sec

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    An easy sac to take for the Ice Queen! Backrow mate.

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