1/30/2011 - Escavating Enemy Territory


But 1.... f6  is a blunder response by black.  Try 1. ... h6   or 1. ... Ng6


the problem is 2 easy

E-Kuko wrote:

A real puzzle. Mirko Marković, 2005 - White to play and win. Replay the puzzle to see some notes ("What if...?").



Nifty - Knight blocks the "crossroads"  -  whichever black piece pushes through, he blocks the other.


too simple


writing this note was harder than solving the puzzle


Uhh, eXcavating?


What the....

TomBarrister wrote:

The best Black can do is 1 ... Ng6, 2 Qxf7+ Kh8, 3 Kxg2, at which point White is up a lot of material and should win easily.

Well, not that much up... Black will trade his dark bishop for the g5 knight, defending the knight with his queen, leaving his g6 knight free to move. Later he can also push the h pawn to threaten the white bishop which caught in g5.


It's okay


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TomBarrister wrote:
dufferps wrote:

I suppose the puzzle stopped here because black resigned, but since it is the Sunday puzzle (especially designed for those of us with most to learn), I really wish it had shown the play to the end:

I can't find any good next move for black, but here is a couple of lines:
1. ...        Bxf1
2. Qxf2+   Kh8
3. Qxf8+   Ng8
4. Nf7#

1. ...      h6
2. Qxf2+ Kh8
3. Qxf8+ Ng8
4. Nf7+  Kh7  Now I am unsure of white's next best moves
5. Kxg2?  Qb7+
6. f3      Be7!
7. Qxa8  Qxa8  and  white's knight at f7 is in bad shape.

Wish I had time to re-analyze.

White threatens mate in 2.  I'll list a few lines in the diagram:


The best Black can do is 1 ... Ng6, 2 Qxf7+ Kh8, 3 Kxg2, at which point White is up a lot of material and should win easily.

Yes, 1. ... Ng6 does protect the f8 knight.  However,  - I think that after
2. Qxf7+ Kh8,  white might do better to push his h-pawn to h5. 


Looks more impressive than it really is.


solve in less than 5 secs


they should make sunday puzzles that you have to figure out what the opposite side can do to stop it


...kindof lame

michael484848 wrote:

This was an incredible, grueling feat by me.



It resemble a lot to a puzzle I saw recently on Chess.com...


to easy


I like the daily puzzles, I can use all the help I can get!


I was looking at this puzzle for like 5 minutes, looking at that move, thinking "This would just be too easy to go there, there must be something more to do..." Apparently not XD Yay I finished a puzzle :P